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About Dr. Neelima

Dr Neelima Saikia is a prominent scientist of North-East Institute of Science & Technology (formerly Regional Research Laboratory) Jorhat, Assam. She has a vast experience in the area of soil microbiology, soil management by biological means and plant & soil health. She was engaged in bio-phyto- remediation of crude oil and oily sludge contaminated soil.

Dr Neelima Saikia's bioremediation work was awarded B.P Poddar Memorial Award for environment improvement and protection instituted by Bharat Chambers of commerce during 2003-2004.

Dr Neelima Saikia has developed several technologies for socio-economic improvement. There are more than fifty research paper and six patents to her credit.

Besides her assigned job as a scientist, Dr Neelima Saikia was working as an Associate Dean of newly established Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) New-Delhi. In spite of her science background and hectic work schedule, her contribution to the native literary world is immense and enduring.