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Book Release


" Madhav Kandali Ramayanar prachinatwa Nirupan"

Antiquity of Madhav kandali  Ramayana established  by EPIC STUDY CENTTE, JORHAT.
The research book on the topic " Madhav Kandali Ramayanar prachinatwa Nirupan" released on 6th November ' 2022.


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Assamese Ramayana   authored by 'Madhav Kandali'  was created in 14th century. A few Indian and foreign scholars viz, Dr Camille Bulcke from Belgium, G  Garcira from Itali , Baldev  Upadhyaya from  India integrated the Assamese Ramayana by Madhav Kandali relojes replicas under the Bangla version ( Gaudiya version). According to them the 'Adikanda' of Madhav Kandali   Ramayana is written based on 'Krittivasi Ramayana' . Therefore,   
The Epic Study Cevntre,(TESC) Jorhat  Asssm decided to carry out a serious study  and research to find out the truth.The researchers of  the TESC after a profound research have gathered sufficient factual orologi replica svizzeri information to refute  Dr  Bulcke's statement. They  clearly showed that all the  scripts relating to  'Krittivasi Ramayana ' were of the period after the death of 'Sankardeva'  and 'Madhavdeva'. Only the H. N Dutta edited 'Uttarakanda' of 'krittivasa Ramayana' was  based on a reference book authored 8-9 years before the death of 'Madhavdeva'. 
Their findings  fake watches proved further by the commen of Bengali linguist Dr Sukumar Sen who in his book  titled 'History of Bengali Literature' had mentioned that -"none of the hand written book of Krittivasi Ramayana is earlier than the seventh Century."