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Dr Malini is the founder of The Epic Study Centre (TESC), Jorhat Assam, which is a registered body at the Registrar of Societies, Assam. It was established in 2011.  The main objective of the TESC is to provide a platform to all the class of people and organisation to study, discuss, analyse and debate about the great epics: Ramayana and Mahabharata.  At the Epic Study Centre we encourage and expect that besides understanding the spiritual, ethical and moral teachings of the epics, individuals should also be able to perceive the deliberations on philosophy, literature, politics, sociology, environmental replicas relojes

The Epic study Centre (TESC) has an ambition of miles to go. The fund of the TESC is raised from contributions like membership fees, annual dues from members, donation, grant, registration / participation fees of seminar, relojes imitacionconference and sale of books etc.