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Scientific Projects

1987-1992 - Microbial response to biodegradable pesticides in soils under tea cultivation, In-house, New Delhi, India.

1989-1992 - Effect of agrochemicals on soil microflora funded by US Dept. of Agriculture.

1992-1997 - Soil enzyme evaluation through microbial seeding, In-house, New Delhi, India.

1993-1997 - Bacterial mediate metal transports (Siderophore) as biocontrol agents against food spoiling and disease causing fungi and bacteria funded by Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi, India.

1997-2002 - Utilization of soil microorganisms for aid in agriculture, environmental pollution, biocontrol (insect, fungal & weed control) and soil fertility, In-house, New Delhi, India.

2001-2003 - Development of vegetation in crude oil contaminated soil through application of bioformulation, funded by ONGCL, Sivasagar Assam, India.

2001-2003 - Maintenance, Monitoring and toxicity determination in plants grown in crude oil contaminated soil, funded by ONGCL, Sivasagar, Assam, India.

2003-2005 - Development of induced systemic resistance against brown rot fungus (Fomes lamoensis) & tea (Camellia sinensis) through plant growthpromoting rhizobacter.